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Empowering Education Through Innovation & Inspiration Dare To Dream Big View Campaigns

Crowdfunding A Beautiful Future

A collection of charitable campaigns designed to make quality education freely available to everyone, everywhere.


Campaigns which enable and encourage people to pursue their educational passions.


Rapidly achieved campaigns designed as a means to crowdfund uplifting and entertaining public events.


We provide research grants while making all patents and findings freely available to the public.


Innovative projects, driven by game development technology, to inspire and empower humanity.

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Building A Bright
Future For Everyone

The World Is What We Make Of It

Inspiration & Innovation

[dephoro] Dream works alongside and in partnership with individuals, creators, non-profits, and corporations to collectively achieve large-scale goals, within the realm of academia, to the benefit of all humans. We approach big ideas in a grounded, methodical way and do not shy away from innovative thinking.

Scholarships & Grants

We offer scholarships and grants to students and researchers! These projects are supported by our crowdfunding campaigns, and applications open and close as funding thresholds are reached.

Publish Your Research

We maintain and organize an academic journal, made possible with a team of exceptionally credentialed volunteer peer reviewers. Learn how to start your publication journey with us!

Host a Charity Auction

We work alongside artists and creators to host charity auctions featuring unique and interesting items. Show your support and showcase your talent! Learn more about our charity auctions here.

The World Is What We Make Of It

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One Small Step

A Sensible Approach

Our primary goal is to engineer an innovative educational system harnessing the power of game development technology. Alongside this, we raise funds for educational projects, like Research Grants and Academic Scholarships, as well as entertainment events, to emphasize the importance of joy and balance.

By Humans, For Humans

Building A Brilliant Future

Human knowledge was obtained collectively, with generations upon generations of people building off of and refining each other’s ideas. We hope to see a future in which this mutual growth process is openly embraced. A future where all of the tools required for learning are available to everyone, everywhere, for free.

An Unwavering Commitment

Ethics, Integrity, And Innovation

Our goal is to encourage people to work together in pursuit of a common, indisputably benevolent goal: A widely embraced and thoroughly grounded vision of what humanity can be. We firmly stand behind the notion that humanity will be at its best when we voluntarily coordinate in pursuit of such a dream.

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Join Our Team

Help Us Build A Legacy

Peer Reviewers for Academic Research

We maintain an academic journal which is available to everyone, free of charge. Each research submission must be thoroughly vetted by our Peer Review team prior to publication.

Game Developers for Software Projects

A surprising amount of what we do uses game development technology in some way. Our focus is on education and science, but we do make actual games as well. For games only, check out [dephoro] Studio.

Professors for Course Generation

We are developing a software that will add another dimension to the way you think about teaching. We need innovative professors to help us develop innovative courses and lessons.

Artists for Digital Content

A large portion of the [dephoro] Network is internet-based, including this non-profit. Similarly, the software we make needs UI elements and splash art. Artists are vital for just about everything we do.


Impactful Sentiments From Our Community

Our appreciation for each of you and the encouragement you provide is limitless. Great people exist everywhere.

What`s New

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Our blog is a great way to stay up to date with our latest news, updates, reports, events, and more!


Why Education Matters

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On Human Purpose

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A Way of Thinking

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